ZIBO Updater is able to run with some additional parameters, not available through the normal settings interface. These options are generally very niche, and need to be enabled through a custom shortcut, or command line.

To set up a shortcut to use launch parameters using a shortcut:

  1. Right-click ZIBO Updater.exe, and click on "Create Shortcut" OR launch ZIBO Updater, got to the Settings menu, click on Utilities, finally, click on Create Shortcut.
  2. Right-click on the shortcut to ZIBO Updater, and click on properties
  3. In the Target box, go to the very end of the file path in the box, and use any of the available launch parameters listed below. Make sure to separate these parameters with a space, this includes the first parameter in this field after the file path. For instance: "C:\Desktop\ZIBO Updater.exe" -RelaxPathRestriction -BackupDirectory="objects,plugins\SuperSecretEngineMode" -BackupFile="plugins\LeapEngines.lua"

Description: This parameter disables the Updater's directory validation code, and allows you to manage an aircraft installation, not located in <x-plane 11>\Aircraft. For instance, you may be using a SymLink, which lives on a separate drive. Without the -RelaxPathRestriction parameter, ZIBO Updater would throw an error when attempting to load an aircraft through a SymLink, as it would not be located in the Aircraft directory.

Usage: -RelaxPathRestriction


Description: This parameter tells the Updater to backup and restore any file(s) of your choosing, relative to the current aircraft's root directory.

For instance, you may want to backup <x-plane 11>\Aircraft\B737-800X\plugins\LeapPerf.lua and <x-plane 11>\Aircraft\B737-800X\cockpit_3d\-PANELS-\Panel.png 

These files would not be covered by any Backup & Restore options, which is why you must use the -BackupFile parameter if you wish to keep the LeapPerf.lua and Panel.png file between updates.

Usage: -BackupFile="<RelativePathToFile>"

For Multiple Files: Use a comma ( ) to separate multiple file paths. -BackupFile="<RelativePathToFile>,<RelativePathToFile2>,<RelativePathToFile3>" etc...

Example: -BackupFile="plugins\LeapPerf.lua,cockpit_3d\-PANELS-\Panel.png"


Description: Functions the same as the -BackupFile parameter, except this is used for directories. For instance, you may wish to backup the entire "cabin" directory, found in B737-800X\objects.

Usage: -BackupDirectory="<RelativePathToDirectory>"

For Multiple Directories: Use a comma ( , ) to separate multiple directory paths. -BackupDirectory="<RelativePathToDirectory>,<RelativePathToDirectory2>,<RelativePathToDirectory3>"

Example: -BackupDirectory="airfoils,plugins\LeapEngines,objects\cabin"